After I Survived, Now What?

To all cancer survivors:

This blog is for you to express how you feel after all of the chemotherapy, radiation, Neulasta shots, hydration and multiple doctor visits are over.  When all of the attention is no longer there for moral support and you start on a new journey, then what?  Everything has changed and some days are so hard to explain.  People notice the outside but have no idea how you feel inwardly.  When your brain is stuck in a fog and you are so use to going through the rituals you had before you were diagnosed.  Your body has now changed into something totally different and you are still trying to figure out how to make it work like it use to and knowing that it will never be the same.

Well, here’s your forum.  Let’s do this together helping one another on those “hard days” we can still encourage each other to push through because we HAVE SURVIVED.

I welcome you to “After I Survived, Now What?


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