Reality Check

The weekend was absolutely beautiful.  Sunday service was a full, refreshing, uplifting, encouraging day.  Our 8:00 service word came out of the book of I Samuel 18:14 entitled “About Face”. Minister Patricia Cleveland preached about How Saul became fearful of David because of the anointing on David’s life. Thereafter, there was Sunday School and everyone participated eagerly.  At 11:00 the youth of our church lead the service and the speaker of the hour was none other than one of our own youth who came out of the book of Proverbs 12:24-26.  He said for us not to be so quick to speak and if anger is creeping in, just wait until it subsides.  Excellent.  At our 3:00 service, we went to our other church wherein Dr. McCann came our of the book of Luke 5:18-20.  About the measure of faith the paraplegic man’s friend had and what lengths they went through to get their friend to Jesus so he could be healed.  Wow! what a day.

Now here it is Monday morning and the fingers on my left hand are numb, my arm feels like it weighs a thousand pounds and it is time to ready myself for work.  I am singing “Emanuel” by Ricky Dillard and his choir. I would be dancing if I could but I am moving at a snails speed, but at least I am moving.  I am even thinking about what the day has already shown me and that is sheer beauty.  Just to touch the keyboard sends little needles racing up and down each finger, but I am determined that this is not going to stop me today.  So what if I feel the pulling in my neck straight down my arm.  Guess what? IT’S MOVING.  It’s not that I ignore what has happened to this body, I just remember that as long as I keep moving forward, there is a blessing in store for me or someone who has gone through the process of all of the drugs given during chemotherapy and all the drugs taken after chemotherapy. I made a conscious decision to not take anymore pills for the neuropathy in my hands or feet because I found out that they only worked for a little while.  My hands and feet felt the same whether I took them or not.  By choice, just don’t take them anymore.  So what if my hands are moving a little slow today, it’s okay! Once you begin to look at the new you with all of the added bonuses (smile) you get to feel everyday, then you can smile at yourself and just think, “Now that I have survived, Get to Steppin!”


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