Oh Lord Help!

Oh Lord help me today.  Every bone in my body aches today.  The rain is falling gently and just to listen to it fall is refreshing.  I am one year into living a cancer free life and it comes with much joy and anticipation of what glorious things are coming my way.  As I move throughout the house, my body has already summoned me to take it slow and I am listening.  There is no dashing down the stairs this morning or rushing to make a pot of tea.  It’s just a day that I am trying to figure out what I can possibly do in order for the feeling of a drum beating on my hips to go away.  Climbing the stairs is definitely a challenge today but over all, my head does not feel like I’m stuck in too much of a fog.  One thing for sure, I am still learning about the new me. Some days are more challenging than others but as I continue to just walk through these different learning events, it is good to know that each day of my life is different. This is a good thought because I am not bored with me and I do look forward to the next chapter of change.

Now  new things.  First, after reading my Word, I will once again to complete proofreading my manuscript.  I have gotten through 249 pages thus far and still have about 150 pages left.  This has been a long process due to my clogged brain.  I will let you read little snippets of my book entitled “An Unexpected Journey, A Cancer Survivor’s Story” shortly.  For now, it is a good day for reflection.


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