“And I Will Never Forget This Experience”

While I have been doing great, it is important for me to remember things about this unexpected journey.  It interrupts your life, clogs your brain and takes over the person you once were.  While still going through some physical limitations, you still have so much more to be thankful for.  Getting up in the morning has become a slow process, but once you get it together, no one really knows the experiences you had to go through just to get here today.

God has been so good to me.  I know it sounds like I always say that, but look at the facts.  It started with a lump on my neck.  It just appeared one day.  It wasn’t that I was ignoring it because I said to myself “I probably have an infection”  After approximately two months it gradually increased in size.  There were too many things going on at that time like my son getting married.  I pressed on and found a dress with a sash that went around my neck and covered the lump.  That was in July 2013.  I then waited until September with the thought the lump would go down but it seemed to be growing.  I finally made an appointment the Dr. Arthur Lester, an ENT specialist.  He examined it and found four other smaller lumps.  After 5 biopsies, it came back as negative but he wasn’t satisfied with the answer so he had the biopsies sent somewhere else.  By this time I was tired.  When the results finally came back, It was diagnosed as Stage II Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Like I said, “God has been good to me.”


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