The thereafter has already occurred with many new challenges.  However, I needed to share an excerpt from my latest manuscript entitled “An Unexpected Journey, A Cancer Survivors Story”.  Read it, and let me know your thoughts before I send it to my publisher.

An unexpected journey is about what happened to me beginning in January 1, 2013.  Sit back, reflect, enjoy, gasp, cry, hold your breath and see the salvation of the Lord.  The 23rd Psalm speaks to me in ways that people can’t.  Oh I do hear you, I just hear God louder.  It came at a time when I thought it was impossible because of the things that I didn’t partake in.  Oh yes, give me two flags and let me stand before God and fight those things which you cannot see.  With sweat dripping down my face and the exuberance of moving in the direction that only the Holy Spirit could lead me. Gracefully moving the flags with the authority and power given to me by God, knowing that this battle had been fought with fervor and tenacity now complete, the strength exasperated but His Power made me stand tall.  It was all about listening for things that you could not hear with the natural ear but only through the spiritual ear.  It was about saying yes to God even when I was too afraid to say yes because I could not see the entire picture.  It was about moving with faith the size of a mustard seed and knowing that this small seed of faith would one day grow.  And yes, it was something others had been told but never told to me until now.  However, the now came later than 2013.  It came a year later.  Now I can understand those things that I could not understand a year ago.  I have matured enough to understand that acceptance requires not falling apart or curling up in a ball never to be seen again; but to be able to stand and smile at the adversaries devices, schemes and have the divine understanding that God had already said “it’s handled.”


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