After Sunday, then what?  I am so glad you asked. Now the work begins.  You might even ask yourself what to do when you arise in the morning.  Well, for starters, you can begin the thank God for allowing you to sleep in the safety of his arms, for giving you the activity of your limbs, being clothed in your right mind, having the ability to take care of yourself.  Now this is just for starters.  You don’t need a church building.  Your home is where God has placed you to begin your ministry.  Do you have a spouse and children?  Well this is what I call your “After Sunday” moment.  Stop worrying about what others in the house of worship are doing.  What are you doing!  Plan your weekly Bible Study, Prayer Meeting, Events, gatherings, etc.  See, you already have the congregation.  This is what I call an “After Sunday” moment.

Be Blessed20150120_070332_zpssfumodmm


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