My mind has been flooded this morning about all of my cousins.  When I began to think how important family is, I began to remember the ones who have gone on.  The list was quite long and each one had a special place in my heart.  If you are reading this and you were related to any of these people, say something that will make you smile about them.

  • Thomas Bass (“Tommy”)
  • Daniel Bass (“Danny”)
  • Bridget Bass
  • Joseph Boyd (“Joe”)
  • Jonathan Boyd
  • Brian Aiken
  • Allan Aiken (“Choo Choo”)
  • Pamela Aiken (“Pam”)
  • Jean Aiken
  • Robert McCann (“Bobby”)

Each one of these had a special place in my heart.  Tommy was a comedian and always playing around.

Danny and my brother Brian were like two peas in a pod.

Bridget was a little lady.

Joseph was the intellect.

Jonathan was always singing and producing.

Allan was always somewhere with his camera taking pictures.

Pam was a songbird.

Jean was just plain nice and a wonderful person.

Bobby was the basketball player.

See, if you take the time to reminisce, you will be able to see all of the great qualities that God graced us with when he gave us each one of these people.  Don’t let your day go by without thanking God for the family we were born in.  Family really does matter.

Be Blessed!!!!!



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