No Words

Have you ever been at a loss for words?  When it seems as if all hell in breaking loose all around you and all you can do is just sit and stare?  When it is not you that’s standing in the middle, but appears as if you are in a spiral or whirlwind I should say.  When you could be at wits end, and yet, you find that inner peace and serenity.  When you have prayed and prayed for others to be healed and know that God is there to answer your prayer.  As I sit hear and think, my mind is flooded with multiple thoughts.  I would love to sift some out, but that is not the order God has given me and yet, in the midst of turmoil, God places me directly in the middle of worship.  From the time I laid down last evening, throughout the night, while lying on my pillow, until the birds began to sing this morning, while I was walking Violet this morning, while I was getting ready for work, while I was driving down the highway, while I was waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts, while I was parking my car, while I was walking down the driveway of my office, while I was walking upstairs to my office, while I sat down at my desk, while I began to work on today’s Motion, Summary Judgments, Certifications and Order, GOD PLACED ME DIRECTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF WORSHIP!!!!!

Like I said, sometimes there are just no words!  Be Blessed


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