He Invades My Thoughts

Have you ever just taken time to TRY and clear your mind of all of the daily clutter?  Worry, Worry, Worry.  After all of your thoughts become one big maze and you decide to try and figure it all out, that’s when God steps in.  He steps in because you must remind yourself even though it seems a little bit cloudy that God’s Word will not return void if you put into practice.  We practice for everything else, but when it comes to the Word of God you don’t practice.  Now is your divine opportunity to put it to work.

Your circumstances or situation is not premised on what you can see but it is premised on what you cannot see.  Prayer is the key and faith unlocks the door.

Here are some scriptures to remind you that God is a sovereign God.

1 Peter 5:7-9:  7:  Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 8:  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 9:  Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

Philippians 2:5:  5:  Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

Philippians 4:13:    13:  I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

There are so many scriptures to put into PRACTICE.  This is just a few.

Have a super Blessed Day.

Rev. Dixon




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