The Book of Genesis.

I have begun to look at Genesis because of a class I am taking online at Dallas Theological Seminary.  If is amazing how you can read something over and over again and not really see , hear or feel what you are reading.  At the time, they are just mere words that are interesting .  However, the scriptures being read were in a different sound than the one in my spirit now.

While listening to one of the professors explain how there is a gap of time in Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2, I, of course, had to keep digging and reading onward.  Well to my surprise, while listening to the Book of Genesis in my car, I ended up Chapter 27 through to Chapter 38.  I was mesmerized by Leah.  Oh you have to know about Leah, Jacobs first wife, who happen to be the eldest of Jacobs Uncle Laban’s daughter.  However, if you read the story, Jacob worked for his uncle for seven years to marry the one he loved which was Rachel.  I would go into more detail but I want to get to why I was mesmerized by what I heard.  It is truly not that I hadn’t heard it before, because I had.

Leah was my interest.  She had four son’s for Jacob and each son’s name meant something different to her.  For instance, her 1st Born’s name was Reuben.  To her (Leah) his name signified that the Lord had seen her misery; 2nd Born was Simeon because as she thought “Because the Lord heard that I am not loved, he gave me this one too”: 3rd Born Levi, meant At last my husband will become attached to me because I bore him 3 sons; and Judah because this time she would praise the Lord.”  Well I found that was fitting for the all.  These are the ones that were born to Jacob from his first wife Leah.

I am still very much interested in Leah, when Rachel who is Jacob’s second wife is barren, she employed her servant Bilhah to sleep with Jacob.  Bilhah’s 1st Born was Dan.  When Dan was borne, Rachel’s response “God has vindicated me”; thereafter Bilhah has a 2nd Son whose name was Naphtali. His name signified to Rachel “I have had a great struggle with my sister and I have won.”

Now that I had become engulfed in this saga, before I could even inhale, Leah gave Zilpah, her servant to her husband Jacob and she bore Jacob a 5th son (but her first born child) his name was Issachar.  Now Leah was overjoyed because now she felt that God had rewarded me for giving my servant to my husband.  Zilpah also bore a second son whose name was Zebulun.  To Leah, this child meant “my husband will treat me with honor because she had bore her husband 6 sons.

I was still intrigued with Leah, when the Lord opens Rachel’s womb and now she can truly say that she bore her husband a child.  Here first born was Joseph.  Rachel’s reasoning was that “God had taken away my disgrace.”  She again has a second child.  However, this child birth was very hard for her she names him Ben-Oni.  But because the birth was so difficult she dies and Jacobs then names him Benjamin.

Now after I went through all of this, I still had not gotten to the place where I had the question that I didn’t give you in the beginning.  QUESTION:  When did Leah die?  I went on a search and found out a few things but, I’m going to leave it at that and let it peak your interest as well.





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