After I Survived, Now What? “Metamorphosis”

I am not Superwomen, Zena or Catwoman.  I cannot leap tall buildings nor can I be cunning as the women mentioned above.  I have much more power than that. I have the Holy Spirit that declares “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.  Now how about that!  Let’s look at the facts.  Doctors said you have cancer, but before the words come out of their mouths, God says “It is handled.” Go through Chemotherapy, Neulasta shots, hydration, not being able too do normal things and what we could not do physically, God said I built you for it; Go through chest port put in your body (a foreign object) and after treatment is over, port should stay in for six months,but God said “It is Finished”.  Now I don’t believe that there is anyone in the world that could convince me that “I AM NOT A MIRACLE WOMAN.”  OKAY! I AM ABOUT TO FLY THROUGH THE BUILDING!  WARRIORS, WARRIORS, WARRIORS.  We have won this battle, now it is time to tell somebody.


7 thoughts on “After I Survived, Now What? “Metamorphosis”

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