Sometimes you need not say anything.  Sometimes you need to remove the thoughts and replace them with scripture.  Sometimes you need not write anything.  Sometimes you must choose to be kind even if others are not.  Sometimes you need to reflect back over your life.  Sometimes when things don’t go your way, you need to […]

He Invades My Thoughts

Have you ever just taken time to TRY and clear your mind of all of the daily clutter?  Worry, Worry, Worry.  After all of your thoughts become one big maze and you decide to try and figure it all out, that’s when God steps in.  He steps in because you must remind yourself even though […]


After Sunday, then what?  I am so glad you asked. Now the work begins.  You might even ask yourself what to do when you arise in the morning.  Well, for starters, you can begin the thank God for allowing you to sleep in the safety of his arms, for giving you the activity of your […]


The Book of Genesis. I have begun to look at Genesis because of a class I am taking online at Dallas Theological Seminary.  If is amazing how you can read something over and over again and not real… Source: A NEW AWAKING ABOUT “THE BEGINNING”


The thereafter has already occurred with many new challenges.  However, I needed to share an excerpt from my latest manuscript entitled “An Unexpected Journey, A Cancer Survivors Story”.  Read it, and let me know your thoughts before I send it to my publisher. An unexpected journey is about what happened to me beginning in January […]


I haven’t written much lately and that’s because I feel like I’m in a whirlwind.  As soon as I get one thing almost (noticed I said “almost”) completed, I have to stop and do something else.  Not to mention that Zoey hasn’t been feeling well and I have to get home as soon as possible […]

A Cloudy Day

A morning with the possibility of rain and the sun is not visible, but I am still looking forward to what this new day will bring.  As the morning moves forward, my spirit is on watch patrol. Set me high upon the wall so that I may be able to see afar off.  Today is […]