Sometimes you need not say anything.  Sometimes you need to remove the thoughts and replace them with scripture.  Sometimes you need not write anything.  Sometimes you must choose to be kind even if others are not.  Sometimes you need to reflect back over your life.  Sometimes when things don’t go your way, you need to […]

The Hard Part

As a cancer survivor, some days I encounter “the hard part”.  Understanding that sometimes it is hard to fathom you have even gone through such an ordeal.  It wasn’t that long ago when I had to have a port-a-cath placed in my chest.  It wasn’t that long ago when during my first chemotherapy my vein […]


I have seen a lot of seasons in my lifetime.  All seasons have a different feel to them. Spring (new beginning),  Summer (Hot), Fall (cool), Winter (brisk).  These are what most of us thing of when you hear the word “Season(s)”.  However, there are many seasons in our lives.  One of the most profound seasons that […]


After two years five months since last chemotherapy, I am finding myself at a loss.  Most would say you should be thankful that you are still alive.  I am! Someone else might say that after all you have been through, girl you are blessed.  I am!  Another might say, you look great having gone through […]

Many Questions Left Unanswered

Why? How come? Why Not? When? Which Season? How Long? Which day? When will my change come? Why Me? What happened? Who did it?  Will I make it?  Is it going to get any better? Why do I feel like I’m stuck? Which direction?  Why did you ask? Why didn’t you come?  Why did you […]


It is funny how God will awaken you with a song in your head when your back is up against the wall.  He has a way to get your attention.  On Monday morning at 3:00 a.m., I opened my eyes while lying in my bed and the only thing I could hear “Ordered”.  It just […]


The Book of Genesis. I have begun to look at Genesis because of a class I am taking online at Dallas Theological Seminary.  If is amazing how you can read something over and over again and not real… Source: A NEW AWAKING ABOUT “THE BEGINNING”