Sometimes you need not say anything.  Sometimes you need to remove the thoughts and replace them with scripture.  Sometimes you need not write anything.  Sometimes you must choose to be kind even if others are not.  Sometimes you need to reflect back over your life.  Sometimes when things don’t go your way, you need to […]

No Words

Have you ever been at a loss for words?  When it seems as if all hell in breaking loose all around you and all you can do is just sit and stare?  When it is not you that’s standing in the middle, but appears as if you are in a spiral or whirlwind I should […]


After two years five months since last chemotherapy, I am finding myself at a loss.  Most would say you should be thankful that you are still alive.  I am! Someone else might say that after all you have been through, girl you are blessed.  I am!  Another might say, you look great having gone through […]

The Aftermath

It has been two years and five months since I had my last chemotherapy.  For that alone I am eternally grateful.  However, I must say that some days (and it may be a lot of days) wherein I struggle to function.  It appears as though my mind is foggy and my thought escape me.  It […]


The thereafter has already occurred with many new challenges.  However, I needed to share an excerpt from my latest manuscript entitled “An Unexpected Journey, A Cancer Survivors Story”.  Read it, and let me know your thoughts before I send it to my publisher. An unexpected journey is about what happened to me beginning in January […]


I was caught by surprise yesterday while riding home listening to the book of Revelation.  Several chapters made me rewind as it has been a while since I have read it.  The first chapter that made me rewind was Chapter 6:3-4, states: (3)  When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living […]


Okay, here is another one of my many brain explosions.  EXPOSED!  True meanings are as follows: (1)  to lay open to danger, attack, harm; (2)  to uncover or bare; (3)  to reveal or unmask. Now, let me explain.  As men and women of God, we must be especially careful of what we speak out of […]